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Oxify Story

I subscribe to “How it Works Magazine”. One Double Page spread entitled ‘Who wants to live Forever’ caught my eye and in particular an article about
the results of a Scientific trial in Tel Aviv University which showed that after sixty sessions in a Hyperbaric Chamber, breathing pure Oxygen, Cell
Telomeres, which shorten each time a cell divides as part of the ageing process, had lengthened again. They were back to the length expected in
someone twenty-five years younger!!
I spent some time reading the actual research paper and the more I read the more excited I became.

I realised that whilst Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HbOT) has the potential to prolong life the real benefit it offers is to improve the quality of life.
Increasing amounts of Clinical research is showing that HbOT can help people suffering from a wide range of intractable illnesses as well as
accelerating wound and injury healing. It has also been proven to increase sporting performance.
Together with my daughter, Sarah, we set out to bring the benefits of HbOT to as many people as we can. And so Oxify was born!

CEO Michael Todd


Why do people need Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

National Health Service is under increasing pressure.

Doctors and nurses are overworked.

The cost of healthcare is increasing!

COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the UK's overall health!

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